Why is it interesting to talk about the emotion of disgust?

We can all remember that moment when we ate something we found horrendous. This emotion reveals our personal preferences stemming from our education and life experiences. Our physical reaction is also a defense mechanism, a reminder of our animalistic instincts. The context in which we experience this reaction is a powerful indicator of how diverse and complex human beings are. It reveals how we negotiate socio-cultural boundaries: difference, cohesion or even exclusion.

What’s our aim?

By studying the food we don’t like and our reactions to it, we hope to map the aspects that arouse disgust and understand them from a cultural, social, historical, and scientific point of view. We also wish to raise awareness through this particular prism and define possible steps to take to preserve our environment. In fact, in some cases, perhaps the food we abhor could solve some of our ecological problems. For example, would we be prepared to eat insects for breakfast out of our favourite cereal bowl? How about a laboratory-made steak tartare served with a glass of recycled wastewater? The emotion of disgust raises the collective question: How far are we willing to change our habits to more sustainable food choices, for the well-being of our environment?

About us

As the world’s first museum devoted to food and nutrition, the Alimentarium has been exploring the many aspects of the human diet for over 30 years and is now focusing on the people who produce, prepare and share food. Our multidisciplinary approach looks at the cultural, historical and scientific aspects of food. The Museum’s bold and novel programme has made it a leader on the topic.

Constituted by Nestlé SA and Nestlé Suisse SA in 1980, the Alimentarium is a legally registered foundation governed by statutes and a Board of Trustees in accordance with the articles 80 et seq of the Swiss Civil Code and placed under the supervision of the Federal Supervisory Board for foundations.

What can you do?

Our project involves collecting your contributions and it’s open to everyone! Everything will be featured on thefoodwelovetohate.org and, later, in the Museum exhibition too, where we will look at what causes us to reject certain kinds of food and why, whether such aversion stems from physiological, ethical, religious, aesthetic or ecological reasons. You, the participants, are an integral part of this community of researchers and we encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter to find out how we will use your content and how the exhibition is progressing.

Tempted to join in?

We welcome all contributions, whether a written text, a picture, an audio and/or video recording, a drawing, or in any other form, provided it can be uploaded. If you need inspiration, view our gallery of what we’ve received so far.

To take part, click on this link!

Submissions accepted from 04.12.2019 to 30.06.2020.

Exhibition opens on 02.04.2020.

Please read our Conditions of Participation. Many thanks for joining us in this adventure! We look forward to hearing from you.